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written by Sydney July 13, 2018
Casper Bed

Scott has pretty much hated our bed since the beginning.  It’s very “soft”.  It’s a Sealy Posturepedic Beresan Plush Pillow Top….so yeah I guess it was soft.  I bought it from US-Mattress which, if you are in the market for a traditional mattress, it is a great place to buy one.  Anyway, I bought it after sleeping at my mom’s house where she had the queen version and it was spectacular!  Her’s was firm but had a soft pillow top.  I woke up without aches and pains. I swear the King version is not the same.  My back (what I like to call my ‘hunch’)  hurt almost every morning.  This was 8 years ago so now my back hurts every day.  Is it the mattress or my age?  I’m going with the mattress.  😉

It was time for a new one.  I had been intrigued by the whole internet mattress company boom.  We bought the kid’s innerspring mattresses from Amazon and were pleasantly surprised.  Theirs came in a box and the mattress was vacuum sealed shut.  We cut that sucker open and it burst like can of Pillsbury Biscuits –  the thing just popped open and a mattress was born!  I have seen the Casper and Purple mattress commercials but I had never slept on a memory foam mattress.  I was weary.  I started researching.  And researching.  I referenced their company websites, googled reviews, and read pretty much all of Sleepopolis.com.  I kind of made my decision to go with Casper but then I sat on the decision and did nothing.  Until July 4th rolled around.  They had a sale and I could save $125.  Normally they only have coupons for $50 off so this was pretty good.  I did it, I purchased one.  Eeeeek!  Will I regret this?

Why Casper?

I chose Casper because I wanted an all-around mattress.  I wanted something relatively firm but not too firm.  I wanted something that didn’t sag in the middle when both of us laid on it.  I wanted something affordable.  I wanted to try a memory foam mattress.  I like Casper’s 100 night trial with free deliveries and free returns.  If you don’t like it they’ll pick it up and donate it to charity.  To be honest, most the internet memory foam companies seem to be very similar.  Leesa, Casper, Ghost Bed, Purple all seem to have the same deal and same types of mattresses.  Hybrid beds are starting to become popular which mix memory foam with inner-springs, so there are even more choices now.

The Ordering Process

Casper’s website is very easy to use and ordering was a breeze.  Select your mattress, select a foundation (if desired), check out.  Then wait.  I signed up for their text message update and later that day my mattress shipped via UPS!  I ordered it on a Wednesday and it was delivered on the following Friday.  Whaaaaattt?  The foundation wasn’t scheduled to arrive until Monday so we waited to open the mattress until then.  There are 3 different types of mattresses to choose from: The Wave, The Casper (original), and The Essential.  The Wave is their high-end mattress and has a different type of foam that is supposed to be magical.  The Casper is their original mattress and is the one we got.  The Essential is their lower end mattress that would be good for lightly used guest rooms or a kid’s room.

Bed Assembly

The Foundation

The foundation replaces traditional box springs.  Memory foam beds need a very flat even surface to sit on like a platform or slatted foundation.  You can use boxsprings but they recommend you buy a piece of plywood to put on top of the boxsprings for the best support.  The foundation was easy to put together and fit perfectly in our current bed frame.  It consisted of 8 parts….the 4 sides, 2 middle pieces and 2 fabric wrapped slat pieces.

The Mattress

The mattress came in a box and was wrapped in vacuum-sealed plastic.  The box is HEAVY and weight about 115lbs.   Here is the very fake re-enactment of me trying to move it myself. 😂

Once we got it inside all we had to do was take it out of the box, cut the bag, and poof!  Mattress.  Here’s the video of Scott opening the bag (skip to 2:35 if you are in a hurry):

Crazy right?

Here’s the finished setup:

The First Few Nights

The first night I made the mistake of also using a new pillow so I kept tossing and turning trying to get my head comfortable.  Scott had a sunburn and couldn’t get comfortable either so the first night was not great.

The second night was excellent!  Sleepopolis.com rates the bed a 7/10 in firmness and I would agree with this.  For me,  it is medium-firm and I lay on top of the mattress.  Most of my body is supported with the exception of the small of my back.  There is a little bit of space there.   My upper back did not hurt when I woke up.   For Scott, it is still medium-firm but his body is fully supported because it sinks down more.  There is very little movement when someone climbs in and out of the bed.  Heat wise it is neutral.  It is neither hot nor cool.

We are very pleased with the mattress and Casper in general.  We had no issues so I’m not sure how their customer service is.  We’ll see how the mattress stands the test of time and if we leave body indentations in it.


I did purchase a mattress protector to keep the mattress safe from spills and stains.  Casper sells one but I went with a cheaper one from Amazon.  I also purchased myself a new contour pillow because my current one is super old and I have neck problems.  After the first night, I removed the middle insert of the pillow and it is perfect.   Scott continues to use his shredded memory foam pillow and likes it.

There you go!  Have you bought an internet mattress?  What was your experience?  I’d love to hear about it!

One Month Later

This bed is still awesome.  My back has never felt better!  I haven’t noticed any indentations in the mattress from where Scott and I lay.  The mattress isn’t hot.  It’s just an all around good medium-firm mattress.  I would definitely recommend this bed if you are struggling with back pain.  It’s a keeper!


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