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written by Sydney October 5, 2017
Brow Power

Ask anyone that knows me well and they will say that I have an unhealthy obsession with eyebrows. It’s true…and weird I know but I just think a nicely shaped brow can make a face “pop”! I’m always walking around thinking “oh! She has nice brows!” or “look at those arches!”

My own brows are a continual work in progress. They were super bushy as a kid and not in a good way – they had no shape at all. Just a “blob” above my eyes. Then it was the “skinny” 90’s/early 2000’s and they were almost non-existent. Thank goodness they grew back! I am not sure how that was a trend.

My brows throughout the years 

In 2016, I had a grow out year. I literally didn’t pluck them except for the really obvious stray ones underneath and in between my eyebrows. My wedding pictures prove it (see above bottom right)! My hair stylist, Morgan, gently encouraged me to get them waxed to determine the shape and then maintain from there. She couldn’t believe how long I had grown them!  But after years of over plucking I think it was the best thing I could have done even if I looked like a wooly mammoth.  So, in January 2017 I let Morgan wax them. And I flipped out after. I thought I looked bald! Scott insisted it was not noticeable and no one ever said I looked like an alien so I guess it was ok.

On my continued quest to brow perfection, I’ve tried a various number of products and thought I’d share with you all my favorites.


The oldy but goody: clear mascara. If you are just looking to get your brows to stay in place, this is a very inexpensive way to do it. I like Elf Clear Brow & Lash Mascara or Maybelline New York Great Lash Clear Mascara for Lash and Brow.

A new find: Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara.  This is similiar to clear mascara but slightly tints the brow hair creating a fuller looking brow.  I use soft brown to actually lighten my eyebrows because they are black in color.  If you have blonde brows or “invisible” brows, this would darken them to a color you can actually see.


I have bushy eyebrows in terms of surface area but the hairs aren’t super thick.  My left eyebrow isn’t quite as full as my right. As I said above my eyebrows are jet black.  Using a pencil softens and fills in all the bare spots creating a more symmetrical face.  I recommend two pencils and they are both taupe in color which is universally flattering:  NYX Micro Brow Pencil and It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil Universal Taupe.

Below is an untouched photo so I can show the difference between nothing and something.   One eyebrow has brow mascara and pencil.  Notice how the right brow is just a little more filled in and the arch is more defined:

Permanent Solutions

My thoughts on microblading? I think it’s awesome!  I’ve seen before and after pictures an I’m amazed. What is microblading?  It’s actually a kind of tattoo that isn’t totally permanent as you have to go back for maintenance visits.  The technique is this: the aesthetician first draws your ideal brow shape on your face with pencil.  Once you both agree with how everything looks, she makes tiny little cuts in the skin where your eyebrows are or should be.  Then she pours this ink type powder into the cuts and once it heals it’s there and doesn’t wash off or go away.  After a few months you go back for a touch up. 

It’s a great option for anyone with very light eyebrows that want a dark brow or someone who has over plucked and has almost no brow left.  The results are very natural looking!   The only thing is you can’t get your eyebrows really wet for 2 weeks and they get REALLY dark at first before fading to their permanent color.  You might want to work from home that week. 😆

Brow Maintenance

I recommend a few things: careful tweezing, shaving, trimming and sometimes waxing.

Shaving: !?  Yes, trust me.  I use Ardell Brow Trim and Shape face razors.  I shave off the peach fuzz that are right above the tail of my eyebrows.  I also use them on my upper lip and sometimes my sideburns! Little did I know I was on trend: Dermaplaning is in!  This is a technique done by an aesthetician where your whole face is shaved.  It’s supposed to be great for exfoliation and to allow better penetration of all our beauty serums, creams and elixirs.  I have not personally tried Dermaplaning (and wouldn’t recommend doing it by yourself at home) but I do continue to shave off some of the more unruly areas with these little shavers.

Tweezers:  Hands down the best is Tweezerman.  The fullsize are a little pricey but they last forever.  The mini’s are also good.  Always use a slant tweezer.  It’s by far the easiest to use and can grab even the finest tiniest hairs.

Trimming:  Yes, I also trim the top of my brows where they grow straight up.  Simple pair of scissors will do.  I use these Fiskar 4″ detail scissors.  I use these same tweezers to trim Scott’s unruly man-brows too!

Spooly brush: Elf’s Eyelash and Brow Wand is all you need to get your brow hairs in the proper position for all that trimming, shaving, and tweezing.

Waxing:  Waxing eyebrows scares the bejesus out of me.  I’m all for upper lip waxing, chin, sideburns-whatever but eyebrows are kinda one of those things that if you screw it up, everyone will notice.  I once went to Ulta to get a touch up job and left with almost no eyebrows.  I was mortified!  I finally gave into Morgan because I knew my brows were crazy and I didn’t know where to start.  She gave me that place to start so I would know where to trim thereafter.  That’s what I recommend waxing for.  When you lose the shape and need a place to start, waxing can do the job.  Just be careful!


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