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Beautiful Dog Noses

written by Sydney September 28, 2017
Beautiful Dog Noses

My dog Griffin suffers from what I like to call “Crusty Dog Nose”.  It has varied in severity from not-so-bad to oh-my-God he has Greyscale (Game of Thrones style)!  I circled the part on his cute little nose that was pretty bad (it got much worse after this photo was taken):



After a visit to the vet, it was determined that he has Hyperkeratosis.  This basically means the skin on his nose thickens and hardens due to the over production of keratin.  The vet said it’s common in certain breeds and usually more prevalent in older dogs (Griff is 11).   He said it shouldn’t bother him and is just unsightly.  I kinda disagree with it not bothering him.  It looked painful!  I at first tried Vaseline.  It did nothing and he licked it off which seemed gross and is something he probably shouldn’t be eating.  A few months went by and it got worse.  So I started scouring the internet and found all kinds of companies hocking their wares – balms, butters, and lotions galore – all specific to dog noses.  Must be a common problem!  I wanted to try to find something I already had at home, something natural, before I started trying a bunch of different products.  

Idea bulb! Coconut Oil has been EVERYWHERE on social media, blogs, magazines.  It’s supposed to be the cure all for everything from dry winter skin, to a hair frizz fighter, to being a great healthy oil to cook with.  Kroger had Nature’s Way Coconut Oil on sale (it’s around $8) so I picked some up to try for all of the above mentioned.



I put a slathering of coconut oil on Griff’s nose twice a day for a week.  He hated the process of me rubbing his nose but once it was done he happily licked his nose over and over again.  So cute!  It seemed to penetrate much better than the Vaseline even with him licking it off.  Within a week the big keratosis scab was gone!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Homeopathic solutions I try never work!  This worked!  I am seriously impressed.

Now we’re in a maintenance mode.  I apply it when it starts looking dry or about once a week.  He’s back to being Handsome Griff now, with a nice well moisturized nose. ♥️


Look how happy he is! 


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