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Our Coffee Setup

written by Sydney September 21, 2017
Our Coffee Setup

Every working mom needs a good cup(s-lets be real) of coffee in the morning to jump start her day.  As I’ve told you, I love a bargain so I very rarely go to Starbucks (except for Pumpkin Spice Lattes) and I’ve always brewed my own coffee.  Little did I know I was doing it all wrong!  When I first met my future husband, Scott, he prided himself on hand grinding coffee beans and using an Aeropress to brew a masterful cup of joe.  It was fabulous.  But who has that kind of time every morning?! Don’t get me wrong, the Aeropress is awesome if you only want one 8oz cup of coffee but what if you want to fill your big Yeti with brew?  No sir.  And hand grinding is just crazy business. I finally convinced him to find a decent drip maker and an automatic grinder.  “Challenge accepted!” he said.  He researched high and low for what coffee aficionados recommended and boy did he deliver me a good cup of coffee!

The Coffee Brewer

We’ve had the Bonavita coffee maker for about 3 years now.  The one pictured is the older BV1800 Model.  It’s great with one small exception that I’ll explain in a minute.  It’s quite a bit more expensive than your typical Mr. Coffee but compared to coffee shop everyday, it is far cheaper.  It brews 8 cups at a time and brings the water to the perfect temperature (which I’m told is where the real magic is).  It originally came with a stainless steal carafe that had a glass lining which ensured the purest taste possible and it kept the coffee hot for a long time…but the lining cracked and eventually broke.  Bonavita kindly replaced it for us for free with their new carafe but it just isn’t the same.  The coffee tastes great but it completely sucks at keeping it hot.

The Coffee Grinder

This is where hubby was really adamant.  It had to be a burr grinder, not a subpar-you-aren’t-a-coffee-person blade grinder.  For educational purposes, burr grinders crush the beans rather than chop it so more flavor is extracted from the beans when they are brewed.   Anyway, enter the Baratza Virtuoso burr grinder.  This thing is pretty amazing.  It has a ton of grind settings and can do anything from a course grind suitable for a drip coffee maker to a super fine grind for espresso machines.  It can do it all!  And it’s done a 10 seconds, not 5 minutes like the hand grinder.


 The Coffee Keeper Hotter

Like I said, the carafe that comes with the Bonavita is not good, so we sprung for the Yeti Rambler 64oz.  It’s holds a huge amount of coffee (or margaritas).  It’s the only Yeti we had purchased to date because we kind of thought Yeti was all hype but they really aren’t.  We eventually also purchased the smaller lowball and the 20oz tumbler (get the separate lid with the magnetic closure too!).  We don’t regret it even with the high price tag because they keep your coffee hot FOREVER.


Let’s Talk Beans

This is where Scott isn’t all that picky.  Really any decent whole bean coffee will do.  We usually get whatever Sam’s Club has — sometimes Starbucks, sometimes some other brand they carry or even the Daily Chef brand.  The bigger the bag the better.  We lean towards a darker roast.  One year, I got Scott a subscription to Driftaway Coffee for Christmas.  He got several different small bag of beans to try.  When you join you choose from one of four roast types or they can randomly send different types each time.  He did the different type option and discovered coffee can taste so different depending on the bean and the roast.  Some were lighter, some fruiter, some spicer.  All the bags come with tags on them that tell you where they are from and the type of roast.  It was fun.  You can also subscribe and get single big bags of coffee at the roast level of your choice.  If you have a coffee lover in the family, this is a great gift.

We store our beans at room temperature in our glass Evak jars.  The lids push the air out and keep the coffee fresh….not that we keep coffee around that long without drinking it!

I hope you found this post useful.   You too can join me in coffee snobbery!  Let me know what your coffee set up is.  Any specific coffee brands you enjoy.  Coffee…it’s definitely one of my favorite things.

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